As new generations arrive, new trends and new customer behavior develop. Different businesses changed, including the printing industry. Printing was a very valuable invention that initially helped us to read. But slowly, printing started to be used more commercially and in different industries. With more use, more problems came to the forefront, and people demanded solutions.

Thanks to technology, even printers have developed to a large extent with the help of it. Today, we will talk about two such fascinating printers that have changed the way we perceive printing. They are UV printers and DTG printers. UV printer uses ultraviolet radiations to print on flat surfaces. It works on various materials, including metal, stone, plastic, acrylic, leather, etc. The ultraviolet radiations cure ink while the printing takes place. It is due to this property that UV printing can be done on a variety of materials. Usually, UV printing is done on flat surfaces. However, innovations are making it possible to do the same on cylindrical surfaces as well.



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